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Tenant Representation

Key Commercial's brokers can work with and for tenants and buyers to help you find the best solutions for your space needs.  Contact us today to:

Evaluating Space Needs Don't know how much space you really need? Expecting fast growth? Key Commercial Real Estate can help you analyze just what your space needs are and work with you to find a space that meets your needs today and in the future.

Locating New Space If you want to lease, buy, or build an office or retail location, Key Commercial Real Estate's brokers can assist you to find what you are looking for - we will be involved from start to finish. Locating the right space is only the beginning. Key Commercial Real Estate will work with you to negotiate a deal that works for you. In addition, Key Commercial Real Estate can help you locate other vendors for services you may need. Key Commercial Real Estate can help you find contractors, layout and design services, office furniture suppliers, telephone vendors, and computer technology solution providers to meet your needs.

Analyzing Space Alternatives Comparing one space option to another seems simple. But in reality it is not. Factors like gross versus net, and rentable versus usable mean that what appears to be two similar options really are not. Key Commercial Real Estate can help you understand the different alternatives and helping you to compare apples to apples so you can make an informed decision about best meeting your space needs.

Negotiating Lease Renewals Most tenants are aware of the importance of negotiating a favorable lease when moving into a new location. What many tenants overlook is the importance of negotiating their lease renewals. Changes in the market place, your changing space needs, and many other factors may mean that the terms you negotiated in your original lease may no longer be the best available. This missed opportunity represents significant potential savings to you. Key Commercial Real Estate can help you negotiate your lease renewal to help you get the best terms available. By providing you with comprehensive knowledge of the market place, knowledge of lease strategies, and years of negotiation experience, Key Commercial Real Estate can arm you with everything you need to cost effectively meet your space needs.

Financial Investment Analysis Buy or Lease? Which property offers the best potential return on your investment? How much should I pay? Space decisions can have a big impact on your financial situation. Key Commercial Real Estate has the skills and experience to provide you with answers to these and many other complex financial questions. Key Commercial Real Estate can help you to understand which choices make the most sense for improving your bottom line.

How Tenant Representation and Buyer Agency Work

Tenant Representation and Buyer Agency are interchangeable terms that refer to an arrangement in which a real estate agent works on behalf of the tenant or buyer to find a property to lease or buy.  Wisconsin law states that without any other agreement, real estate agents work for the landlord or owner.  The only way to change this relationship is by using a state-approved form called a Tenant Representation/Buyer Agency Agreement.  With this form a tenant or buyer establishes that a real estate agent is working on his or her behalf, not for the landlord or owner.

While any real estate agent can show you properties, without a tenant representative relationship, the agent cannot offer advice, do comparative analysis, make recommendations, or negotiate on your behalf since his or her obligation is to the landlord or owner.

By using a tenant representative, you are assuring that you have someone on your side with the same type of knowledge about the real estate market, terms, and language that the landlord or owner has on his or her side.

In most circumstances there is no cost to the tenant or buyer.  The fee that the landlord has already agreed to pay to the listing agent is simply split with the tenant representative.  This means that the services are provided to the tenant or buyer at no additional expense.   There are a couple of instances in which the landlord might not pay a fee, or the fee may be added to the rent rate or purchase price.  In those situations, the tenant or buyer may choose to pay the agent directly.

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